Please call directly to restaurant if you need reservation within a day or you make reservation during weekends.
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  • NB! Nädalavahetusel tehtud reserveering võetakse töösse esmaspäeval. Kiire reserveeringu korral helista palun Sulle sobivasse St. Patrick’sisse.

Narva mnt 5

M, Tu, W, Su 10-24; Th 10-02; F, Sat 11-04

6640 443

Pikk 45

M, Tu, W, Su 11-24; Th 11-02; F, Sat 11-02

6418 173

Merivälja tee 5

Mo, Tu, We, Th, Su 11-24; R, Sat 11-02

6998 077


Narva mnt 5

6314 800

Pikk 45

This St. Patrick's situates in very special house from 15th of century. That 600 years old house is worth to look at and you are most welcome to explore it with a good wine, pint or a meal. You find us from Old Town. As we appreciate friendships and good relationships we enforce it with friendly prices and warm atmosphere. Celebrate your friendships in St. Patrick's!

Narva mnt 5, Tallinn

This St. Patrick's situates just in the middle of city center. You have 2 floors to enjoy good meal and look at vibrant city life. Nice views over old city from 2nd floor.

Merivälja tee 5

The best sea view restaurant in Tallinn. Just on the biggest beach of Tallinn. Sit on the beach or inside and enjoy the pure nature - sun, sky and sea showing their moods in million variations.

Paldiski mnt 102

This St. Patrick's situates in cool shopping center Rocca al Mare. You will find us at the end of left wing.

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